Comedians bring laughter to GSU

A sold-out crowd packed the T.H. Harris Auditorium to see the most anticipated event of the 2007 Homecoming, the comedy show. This year show Grambling brought in the hilarious sty lings of Chicago natives Kelly Holcomb and Lavar Walker, also Steve Brown from Tuscaloosa, Ala. After the comedy show, a screening of the new movie American Gangster (starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.) was shown.Before the comedians took the stage, DJ Phat provided music that just added to the electric atmosphere. After everyone settled down and the show started late, the first act, Curtis who is a Grambling product, took the stage and was not there very long. Several of his jokes were incoherent due to the noise of the crowd. Some of the people in the audience even booed him off the stage. “His jokes needed work,” said junior Vanessa Hockless.

As the crowd had grown restless from the act before, the next act, Lavar, sparked things up and got the crowd right back into the show. He came right out of the gates and the crowd responded very well. They crowd went hysterical when the comedian from Chicago did an impression of rapper T.I. Lavar’s stand-up material was very creative and very fresh and was given a standing ovation.

Following Lavar was a comedian named Steve Brown, who stole the show. Many people were falling out of their seats laughing at Brown’s act. His jokes were classic because he talked about his family and his good values and also gave good advice such as: There are not thugs in college and his interesting Sho-Mo-NO theory. His jokes were also funny because he told jokes about life at an HBCU and he ridiculed GSU police officers. He even told jokes about people in the crowd, telling one guy, “You watch the show or be the show.”

The last act was a very ironic one, Corey Holcomb. Some of his jokes were funny, but most of them were very offensive. The summary of his jokes were about how he has lied to women and just support the theory all men are dogs. Holcomb, made a very negative impression with the women in the audience. One of most disturbing jokes was when he offered a woman photographer $40, she declined immediately.

After the comedians finished, we saw a preview of Saturday’s step show unfold between the Kappa’s and The Omega’s. Brown (Omega) and Lavar (Kappa) represented their fraternities to the fullest. As the fraternities performed the crowd stood to their feet and went crazy. After the comedy show was over, not a lot of people left because the movie prime of American Gangster was shown.

The 2007 Comedy show, except for Corey Holcomb, was a huge success. Everyone had a good time, laughed and even saw a free movie after the show.