Child development class turns project into learning

A simple class project turned into a delightful event for a GSU child development class. Tuesday, at 5 p.m. in Washington-Johnson Complex, the child development department held a book review on the story entitled A Child Called It, by David Pelzer. The book is based on Pelzer’s experience with child abuse. The story is so serious that it is the worse case that has ever been documented in the state of California.

The students were to read the book and attend the book review and participate in the discussion. Food was served to the child development students as they enjoyed their nice gathering.

The event was lead by Florence Simon, professor, and Dr. Glenda Island, acting head of the Department of Family and Consumer Science. The purpose of the book review was to get students to read more often. Reading is very essential to the mind regardless if you are gaining knowledge or using it for a source of entertainment. Dr. Island read several quotes that are made on reading such as “Reading to mind is what excercising is to the mind.” “The library is the hospital for the mind,” is another quote on reading.

Simon has a genuine care for students. In fact, she encouraged the students to read “The Lost Boy” and “A Man Called Dave.” These two books are a sequire to “A Child Called It.” The plans are to have a book review as many as possible, but at least one for every semester.

Books open up a new world to us when we take the time to read rather than doing things that bring no knowledge to our mind on our free time. Island thanked Simon for helping put the program together and special thanks was given to Joesph Naylor, James Penny, Melanie C. Thomas, Joyce Evans, Angela McMurray, and the Hotel Management Club for their support.