A Crunk Classic

As fans tried to hang around for the entertainers to show up they grew tired, angry and impatient. After two hours of waiting, the Homecoming Concert began. By the time that Jagged Edge and DJ Unk showed up, only the true fans were left. Jagged Edge sung approximately five songs and DJ Unk performed even fewer.While the crowd waited on the talent to arrive, who were both late, they had to listen to two hours of horrible talent. The artists tried to keep up the tempo, but the crowd was constantly booing each act. Not one of the rapping groups had positive messages in their music.

A student also wasn’t really happy with the concert. “I mainly came to see Jagged Edge. I had to leave until they came on. The vulgar language that was being used was degrading and it made me angry because most of the rap groups that performed had nothing informative to rap about,” said Sherica Dirks.

Jagged Edge was the first group to go on stage. They looked old and tired. As far as the songs that were performed, the artists didn’t care about giving us a great performance. Even after they exited the stage, they were trying to rush out of the gym. They did not want to stay to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. I give Jagged Edge two thumbs down.

When DJ Unk came onto the stage, the crowd got hype. DJ Unk allowed some students to come dance on stage with him. The problem with his performance was that he only performed three songs. Only three, and he has 19 songs on his album. After he finished he was more willing to stay around to take pictures with fans.

A Favrot Student Union Board representative said, “To be honest the concert was very bad, but being a member of the union I understand that it is not the fault of the union for the failure of this years homecoming concert. We have been bombarded by unseen budget cuts and unrealistic deadlines, not to mention a very unhealthy working relationship with the VP of student affairs. If none of these issues are worked out I don’t see any good events happening in the future. By the way, did anyone see the VP of student affairs at any of the events last week?”

Overall, the concert wasn’t a total flop. The artists did not come on time, but hey, they came. And what party doesn’t start late? GSU got what GSU paid for.