TB: How do you feel about homosexuality?

Lemel Young
Anchorage, Alaska”It’s morally wrong, but people do what they want to do. It’s just a phase.”

Dorian Harris
Washington D.C.

“I love it! I feel that love has no knowledge and should be welcomed to more than just male and female relationships.”

Doinne Lee

“I feel homosexuality from the Christian standpoint. But being a biology major I have also read studies where it shows it is all in the brain so all in all I feel that you are who you are and should be accepted for that regardless.”

Marc Haymond
New Orleans

“With men I’m homophobic, but in women’s cases I’m all for it!”

Edwina Thompson
Los Angles

“I feel that homosexuality is a bad thing, but if that’s how they want to be then let them be homosexual. I don’t hate them for it.”

Compiled by Terrance Stokes