NFL Prediction: Titans @ Raiders

A win is a win, no matter how bad the odds stack up against you. Tell this to the Tennessee Titans, who have in the last two games, without Vince Young, iced football games due to the success of field goals. Titans kicker Rob Bironas took the life out of the Houston Texans’ miracle comeback hopes Sunday by kicking a 29-yard field goal to win it. Football games are unpredictable because the outcome of the game could bounce either way.

The Titans (4-2) are the underdogs in the AFC South.

They are the last team to come to mind when the Pats keep winning, Indianapolis is still undefeated but no one seems to recognize it, San Diego is getting back to the basics, and Jacksonville is not getting enough respect.

The Titans will play the Oakland Raiders, in a game which will be the battle of the quarterbacks, Vince Young vs. Jamarcus Russell. The Raiders (2-4) have a true QB controversy going on. Duante Culpepper and Josh McCown have come in and they got the same results.

Duante has his days when he plays good and days when he plays bad. He is a great quarterback but Al Davis along and the Raiders fans want to see the rookie. Head coach Lane Kiffin is still looking for that guy who is going to stay consistent throughout the game.

Next up to face trial for the Raiders is Russell, who is the future of this franchise. He was a college standout, coming out of LSU with an arm like a cannon. He is 6’6, 255 pounds, and with the ball in his hands he can make things happen.

Russell has been waiting for this opportunity his whole life, but the Titans want to make his debut in the NFL a cold, hard reality check. Young, on the other hand, is eager to get back on the field after suffering a hamstring injury against the Bucs a few weeks ago.

Anytime Young is on the field, he gets the full attention of defenses. Young can throw and run the ball, depending on the situation.

The Titans offense can do major damage to the Raiders if they don’t stop Young. LenDale White is not the fastest runner, but he gets tough yards in key situations. Titans receivers Justin Gage, Eric Moulds and RoyDell Williams are taking care of business.

On defense, Keith Bulluck, the one-man wrecking machine, ripped apart the Texans by himself, being in every tackle and fumble recovery, and credited for setting up interceptions.

This game will be decided in the fourth quarter with a game-winning field goal kick. Rob Bironas will do it again for the Titans.

Titans 38
Raiders 36