Doing it without familiar faces

The G-Men are not only in first place, they are the only team undefeated in conference play, and well on their way to the SWAC Championship that they haven’t seen in the past few years. It was almost unseen after last years team went a dismal 3-6 in conference play and 3-8 overall.

The firing of Melvin Spears and the final departure of Bruce Eugene raised several questions; the biggest being who would coach the Tigers in 2007. Tiger fans got unexpected news when the hiring of Rod Broadway was announced.

Former coach of North Carolina Central University brought something new to the table that no former GSU coach had, an impressive resume prior to arriving in Grambling.

It has remained clear throughout the season that the gun slinging of Bruce Eugene was finally over and the emergence of Brandon Landers was to begin.

Broadway’s coaching staff week-in and week-out has put together a game plan playing to the strengths of Landers, and the Tiger offense.

The addition of freshmen running backs Cornelius Walker and Frank Warren has been great and shows promise for the future. The running game has not been the only change, the Tigers offense has featured many formations and a diverse play calling that would make any football fan proud.

The offense isn’t the only thing that has made a drastic turn around this season. The defense has also been playing with pride and purpose all season. Missed open field tackles, something that has plagued the Tigers for years, have become a thing of the past.

Though they are still a bit vulnerable to the deep ball, the defensive play of Jason Randle and the defensive line have made sure that no quarterback has time to expose them to their minor weakness.

Whether it is a strong defense, new and innovative offense, or purely good coaching, the Tigers have been playing like a championship caliber team.

Broadway and his coaching staff have implemented an attitude that is sure to produce the type of team the Grambling fans can be proud of and some say the beginning of something amazing.

One thing is for sure, the Tigers are not only ready but they believe that they will be back in Gramblinham (Birmingham) come December 15th for the SWAC Championship.