Death Proof Review

Last April, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez combined their love for campy B-movies and the grungy theaters that showed them with their reputations for always delivering at the box office. The result: a two-film collection known as Grindhouse Double Feature that started off with a bang, but ended in a whimper after it’s first few weeks. The main concern that many theatergoers had was that the two films, with their combined running time of over three hours, was simply too long. Dimension Films decided the DVD versions of the movies would be released separately. The first of these is Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino’s homage to the car chase flick.

This movie has everything you look for in an old school car chase flick. Sexy women, muscle cars, and sick stunts make this movie the quintessential adrenaline fix. You even get to see why your mom always told you to keep your arms and legs inside of a car while it’s moving.

The movie follows “Stuntman Mike” as he stalks unsuspecting women with one goal in mind: to kill them off using his reinforced stunt car. After killing the first group of young ladies in particularly vicious fashion, he turns his attention toward a group of women who unfortunately for him contain a pair of stuntwomen.

After a chase sequence with a woman strapped to the hood of a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the three women decide to put an end to Mike’s reign of terror once and for all. What follows is almost a car chase tribute to the women’s liberation movement; Mike seems mortified at the thought of being caught by the young women.

The movie is great, but what I had a problem with was the lack of special features. Everyone who saw Grindhouse in theaters wanted the DVDs just to see if some of the fake trailers would make the cut.

The DVD, unfortunately, contained none of them. It does contain some rather fun making of documentaries.

All in all, Death Proof is a great movie that comes up a little short on the special features. I really hope the Planet Terror DVD has better special features.