Alumni, please donate to GSU!

Homecoming brings back many students who paved the way for the student body here today. So many times, students and alumni are so caught up in celebrating a football victory and participating in Favrot Student Union activities that they neglect to notice the changes at the university.

Many alumni are returning to GSU to a totally new environment. New dorms, a reconstructed Student Union, the groundbreaking of the new Dunbar Hall, the Assembly Center and the Welcome Tower are added amenities.

None of these upgrades would be possible without money. The Gramblinite challenges alumni to not only celebrate Homecoming with us, but also donate to our beloved GSU.

Though we have begun to reconstruct the atmosphere of GSU, we need alumni willing to invest in the educational experience of current and future students. Yes, we do know about the problems in the past with seeing where the money is spent (shall we say the Black and Gold Fund?).

But this year, it’s time for a fresh start. So let’s start by reaching deep in our hearts and wallets to build a better GSU. After all, we all are part of one Tiger family. United we stand and divided we fall!