‘Aladdin’ fills GSU theater with magic

The theatre was full of smiles and laughter as the play, Aladdin, was brought to life. The play was presented from Oct. 17- 20. With each presentation the actors grew more confident, funny, and enthusiastic. The actors did a great job of keeping the children’s attention glued to the stage. They were able to participate by helping the actors when they were instructed to.

For instance, Aladdin needed flowers, so the children had to pretend they were little seeds in the soil that grew to be strong and vibrant flowers fit for the king’s daughter.

Deron James (Aladdin) was a burst of energy throughout the whole play. With his wild imagination and his energy, he won the attention of the crowd.

And even though he was not a prince, he was able to win over the heart of the princess (Mia Gibson). In order to receive the approval of the king (Renando Bonner) he was sent off to do what the king thought would be impossible tasks. Aladdin first had to find a wild dragon and tame him, and he did so.

Next, he had to build a palace of lights, and he did so. For one man, those tasks would have been impossible, and Aladdin knew that. What the king did not know was that Aladdin had help from his magical lamp and the crowd participation. Because the king was pleased, he allowed Aladdin and the princess to marry.

All was not yet perfect in this fairy tale, Mustafa (Emmanuel Fortnune), the only other person who knew about the lamp- an evil magician- had a plan to steal it. While Aladdin wasn’t around, he tricked the princess into giving him the lamp.

Once in his possession, he ordered the genie in the lamp to build him a castle far away. When Aladdin found out that the palace was gone he was furious, but with help from his magical ring, he found the palace and the princess.

When Aladdin and the princess saw each other they devised a scheme that got back the lamp. Once again Mustafa was powerless and so they ordered the genie to send them back home. After the family was reunited they all joined to bow and accept their well deserved applauds.

Overall I enjoyed the play. Each time that I went to see it my face lit up and I couldn’t help but be interested.

It takes a lot for the actors and actresses to be efficient with their lines and performances and they nailed it each time that I saw the play.