Wright-Ponton Classic ready to go

Did you know the fourth Annual Wright-Ponton Classic is coming up on Oct. 18? But how did this whole event get started? “The classic was started four years ago by Dr. Chevelle Hall for her sports management students,” said Ashley Carter who is a kinesiology major with a concentration in sports management.

A person who is majoring in sports management will be receiving managerial and organizational experience in the areas of health and fitness. Students who intend to work in this field will be handling the planning and running of sports events once they graduate.

“Dr. Hall wants the students in this class to have hands-on experience for future reference,” said Sherrice Fox who is one of the main organizers as well as a student in the class.

Dr. Hall gives her sports management class a project to market, finance, operate and secure a sports event. The responsibilities of the groups were to: solicit donations and sponsorships, handle security, assess risks, and manage money.

In addition to separating into groups and electing an event coordinator, students started the project with no money. To some people this might be considered a big hurdle for the students to overcome but not to Ashley.

“Hustling was the key to getting the money for this tournament,” Carter added. “We had to go to different businesses and get sponsorships or donations.”

Some of the businesses that were asked to give donations were Subway, in Grambling, and Raising Cane’s in Ruston. Money was also raised by selling tickets to the event and the participation fees that each team or individual is required to pay. Some of donations were money and food that will be sold at the event.

“Patience, persistence, and consistency are what we needed to get the sponsorship and donations,” says Sherrice.

But now that the logistics of the whole tournament worked out, here comes the hard part: making sure the tournament is a success.

“There is a rivalry between this year’s tournament organizer and those from the past,” claims Ashley.

This year’s tournament will be held in GSU’s new Assembly Center on Oct. 18 at 5:30 p.m.
The events that will be held are: 4-on-4 ($25 per team), 3-point shootout ($5 per person), Slam Dunk Contest ($5 per person), Dance Contest ($5 per individual, $15 per group).

Tickets for general admission are $3 in advance and $5 at the door. For anyone interested in participating, donating, sponsoring or just looking for tickets, contact Ashley Carter at (952)584-9083 or Sherrice Fox at (513)254-1921.