Stop silencing our band

As the fans enter the game, they come for two things. They want to see the G-Men win, and they want to see the band get down and dirty in the stands. However, lately, the World Famed Tiger Marching Band has not done that. While many people have criticisms, they don’t know the whole story.

According to the Southwestern Athletic Conference rules, the World Famed is not allowed to play while the other team has the ball. They can, however, play during timeouts and when there’s a dead ball.

Yet there has been no playing from the band. According to some of the band directors, the reason they don’t get down is because the referees at the games have told them not to play at all while any team has the ball, a clear violation of the SWAC rules.

So, instead of earning the football team a penalty, they’ve been quiet. They broke out of their shell during the State Fair Classic a little bit, only to be told by some football players that they couldn’t hear the calls. As the band is one of the hardest working groups on campus, we feel that they should play when the SWAC rules say they can play.

If it weren’t for SWAC bands, many fans would more than likely not come out or stay during the entire game. The World Famed is a victim of its own popularity and unique style of play.

For the G-Men, if you can’t hear when a band is playing, how do you expect to hear when you make the NFL and there are 70,000 screaming fans? Yes, we have a winning football team, which is commendable, but by your silencing of the band, people will continue to say, ” Your band sucks!”

We want the World Famed to get in the stands, get down and dirty, and blow out the other bands. After all, that is what they are known for.