It’s more than just a game – it’s recruitment

The GSU cheerleaders, the World Famed Tiger Marching Band drum line and Miss GSU took part in a pep rally that praised a urban high school in Little Rock, Ark., on Friday.Terry Lilly, associate director of the Favrot Student Union and cheerleading coach, organized the event along with cheerleader Marcus Kennedy. However, praising the high school on their literacy scores wasn’t the only thing Lilly had in mind.

“We had Miss GSU, who was given the opportunity to do the welcome and interact with the high school’s homecoming court,” said Lilly.

Four students from McClennon High joined the GSU cheerleaders. “It was definitely a tool that will recruit students to GSU and the cheerleading team,” he said.

Kennedy, a first year GSU cheerleader, said hopefully we(GSU) left a good impression on the students.

“The students were shocked and surprised. They didn’t think it was going to be that big,” Kennedy said.

Though Lilly says this was the first trip to Arkansas, they will continue to do these types of events. “When we travel outside of the school, we want show that we are intelligent students who just happen to have skills.