It’s been a long time, but my drought is finally over

Over the past year my single mother and I have struggled to cope financially. I lost my father in 2003, which also meant our family lost another source of income. And ever since my Social Security check stopped coming, my family has been left in a bind. We sold our house and moved three different times in one year. Lately, my mom and I have been interceding for a financial blessing. We don’t want to be rich right now, we just want to live comfortable.

Doing all this praying and fasting and not hearing from God, I felt that it was all in vain. So I began to neglect my relationship with Him. As a result, other things were falling apart. Friends treated me differently, mom constantly picked arguments and “psychotic” professors demanded the impossible.

In response to this test, I needed to go to church just so I could get my concentration back on my relationship with God.

This past Sunday, my friend invited me to her church. But my spirit was pulling me to attend the church that I’m a part of, Campus Community Worship Center.

When I arrived in the sanctuary, I felt a spirit of calmness and peace. As the service proceeded with praise and worship, pastor Bryan Smith greeted the congregation with a word from the Lord that he received earlier that morning.

“The drought is over! Everything that you have been lacking, God is about to turn it around,” he shouted, and everyone went crazy. I knew this service was for me. I just had to wait patiently.

Pastor then addressed the congregation again, saying he wanted to sow into his children’s education by blessing two college students with $100.

After he made that official with the two college students, he reiterated that he has two daughters and a son who will be attending college, which means he needed another young woman to receive what God has for her through him.

I immediately raised my hand so he could see me. This was the evidence of what God is going to do for my life, and it started with Pastor Bryan blessing me with $100. So I say to my fellow Christians and believers of God’s word, stick in there and never give up on praying and believing that God will come through just like he said he would. I’m a prime example.