Visit to Grambling brings mixed emotions

While on my journey to Grambling State University, I had mixed emotions of happiness, sadness and fright. I wasn’t quite sure if all the emotions were as a result of me realizing that in exactly eight months I would be an independent college student. Or were they a result of me not knowing what college I would end up spending the majority of my young adult years growing in education? I then realized that it was all of the reasons I listed previously, plus more.

Yes, I was scared that I would come to Grambling State University and not be prepared to take on the role of being an independent young woman.

And, yes, I was scared because I didn’t want to pick the wrong college to attend. However, I noticed that as my vehicle was getting closer and closer to Grambling State University, my heart began to beat faster.

At first, entering the registration building of the Grambling State University High School Day was like entering a foreign country. I was nervous for many reasons: an entirely new atmosphere, new people I had never seen before, and mostly because this school was out of state.

I felt coming to High School Day would be nerve-wracking because I didn’t know anyone and the other youth coming would be rude. It was basically the same thought any child would have who was experiencing the prospect of going to an entirely different school.

But my fears may have been somewhat premature. Once the High School Day staff allowed us to go around to each of the studies’ booths, I started to feel at ease. At that moment I realized that I was not going to be attending college to make friends or worry about what particular people went to that college.

I was going to college to better myself and to prepare for success. I realized that I am so blessed to have a mother who cares about my future so much that she, along with a family friend, took the time to drive me all the way to Louisiana from Central Texas. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to attend Grambling State University’s High School Day.

After my amazing opportunity to visit Grambling State and meet new people and think on my future, I have came to the conclusion that I should “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” (Langston Hughes)

I want to thank Grambling State University for having High School Day. If it were not for High School Day I would not have learned that this is my dream and that I, Courtnie Clark-Kiara, am in charge of making my dream a success.