The man my mom introduced me to never fails

Have you ever felt afraid, alone or like no one cares. Have you ever needed a friend and no one is there for you? Or maybe that guy you’re feeling is not feeling you as much as you’re feeling him. Well I’m here to introduce you to a great person.My mother first introduced me to this man. I thought my mother was crazy. I was about five years old when my mother introduced me to him. She told me no matter what decisions I make in life make sure that I acknowledge this man. I asked her why and she said he would take you places I can’t.

My mother introduced me to him, but it was my Sunday School teacher who explained this great man to me. His name was Jesus Christ. Just as I was introduced to him, I want to introduce you to him as well.

The stories that were told to me I could not completely believe them. It wasn’t until I read one story in particle that I completely grasped how marvelous He is.

The book of Genesis is where I began to read. It’s so amazing how God created the universe. The story in Genesis 1:1-2:25 “in the beginning God created the heavens and earth…” You’re probably wondering how can one being do this. I asked myself the same question.

It’s about believing in supernatural things. Supernatural is defined as of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe.

In my opinion, supernatural things are things we pray for, and at the same time believing that Jesus hears our prayers and will answer them accordingly.

As a college student I have faced many challenges: losing friends, family members turning on me, struggling with school and, just when I thought I had the perfect guy, he turned on me too. But when everything began to fall in my life, I turned to the one person who has never left my side-Jesus Christ.

See, sometimes we need a reminder who has brought us in this world. It’s so easy to forget where we come from even if you were raised on the word.