Showing natural talent

Many students may not remember former chair of the Department of Foreign Languages, Dr. Charles L. Brooks. However, his impact stays with members of the College of Liberal Arts with the annual faculty talent show. The show was officially renamed the Charles L. Brooks Talent Extravaganza in 2001. The proceeds from the event benefit the College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund.

Students filled the Nursing Building Auditorium on Friday. They eagerly paid a dollar to see the often hidden talents of many members of the Grambling State faculty.

The show was opened with an “Irreplaceable” performance by Phyllis Taylor, Dr. Connie Walton, and Dr. Stacey Duhon, who acted out scenes from the video. Highlighting the show was a performance of the “Cupid Shuffle” by the GSU APOS.

“I came out because I wanted to see the teachers make a fool of themselves,” said student Marcus Curtis.

Dr. Lawanna Gunn-Williams kept the crowd laughing and the performances moving.

Although the performances were for a fun purpose, many provided the teachers a chance to teach students something.

Anthony Smith, along with some of his students, educated the audience about Conrad Hutchinson Jr., a Grambling band legend. The Foreign Language Department even got in on the act by teaching songs in Spanish to the audience.

A silent auction took place, and door prizes given away to individuals in the audience.

“It’s important to have events like this to help raise funds for scholarships and to remember a fun day,” said Dr. Uju Ifeanyi.

The show, which ended with a performance by the Orchesis Dance Company, will remain a memorable night for many students.

“I just came to support the teachers and to see how and what they preformed,” said Danielle Craft, an outlook that was the same among other many students.

Some can’t wait to see what the next show brings. However, most will just remember the shenanigans that took place at this year’s Extravaganza.