Patriots picked to beat Dallas

This is the matchup fantasy football fans have been waiting for. New England (5-0) is heading to the Big “D” to play the Cowboys. This is the Super Bowl in Week 6. Both teams are undefeated, but someone will lose.Dallas is the best team in the NFC and as for everyone else, let’s just say, they are barely keeping up. Dallas is ready and prepared.

The Patriots are considered the bullies of the NFL. No one wants to play against them. They are tired of watching, listening and hearing about the three championship rings and the legend of Tom Brady. New England gets it done no matter who the opponent is or what time zone they are playing in.

Brady is the best quarterback, period. What quarterback do you know can sit in the pocket for a long time with no pressure, make excellent throws and scramble for yards if he desires? Randy Moss is having fun exposing defenses, he makes mincemeat out of opponents’ cornerbacks and free safeties, out-running, and out-catching them. How is the running game going without Lawrence Maroney? Sammie Morris has stepped up and taken control. It is going to be really good in Dallas this weekend.

Dallas is ranked first in total offense in the NFL. The speed of the Patriots defense is going to attempt to keep Tony Romo unbalanced. The Cowboys need to continue to run the ball with Marion Barber and Julius Jones. They need to get the running game established early against the Patriots front four.

Romo has to make smart decisions with the ball because the Patriots on defense capitalize off turnovers. Their cornerbacks act like receivers once the ball is intercepted. Terrell Owens needs to have a big game, find room between the defense, and make the Patriots pay for it.

The Cowboys secondary must keep Moss out of the end zone. If Moss gets hot early, you can look forward to the ESPN top plays of the week of him shredding the Cowboys. Brady has the best offensive line in the league. They must continue to stay sharp.

This game is going to be back and forth all night. The Patriots will try to stay ahead of the Cowboys and make Romo beat them in the air. It’s a toss-up between these two good teams.

The outcome of the game could go either way. In the end, Dallas will fight the entire game, but it will not be enough to slowdown New England.

New England 24
Dallas 14