Enrollment hike commendable

Across Louisiana, university enrollment numbers have dropped. According to The Associated Press, student enrollment at the eight University of Louisiana System schools is 79,924, compared to 80,840 last fall.However, GSU has seen a 2 percent rise in the students at the university. Part of the reason? High recruitment of international students and better campus living conditions. But many expect enrollment numbers to drop next fall once GSU follows suit with ULS schools in raising its admission standards.

With any change, there’s opposition. Many consider raising admission standards as a way of closing the door on students who may be mentally challenged on standardized testing. The Gramblinite feels that by raising our standards, more students would want to attend GSU, not only for sports but for academics. After all, this is an institution of higher learning.

GSU needs to be commended for reaching out abroad to recruit students who add a more diverse environment to the university. The world is dynamic and people come from many backgrounds. GSU’s focus on recruiting internationally will benefit not just those foreign students who receive the benefit of an advanced education, but will positively impact the university and community, now and in the future.

Kudos to the recruitment counselors, administrators, students and faculty who all played a part in increasing the enrollment at GSU. Saturday’s annual High School Day has almost certainly contributed to increased student numbers. With more students in higher learning at GSU, our founder’s dream and legacy is continuing to live on.

As for tips on maintaining the enrollment numbers, administrators, just retain the students already here. We can’t tell you how to retain them because that’s not our area of expertise. But we’re sure you’ll come up with something.