Casting set for 2 student films

An interest meeting and open auditions for the upcoming films Campus and Zero will be held Oct, 15 through Oct. 18 for anyone interested.You can receive your audition script at that time or any time before that date. Immediately following the meeting, auditions will begin.

Auditions are available by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday is Open House auditions from 7 p.m. until the last applicant is seen. The auditions will be recorded, and each applicant will be interviewed.

On Oct. 19, call-backs will be sent out to all of the actors and you will receive details on further instructions concerning rehearsals and script access.

Campus is a soap opera, dealing with faculty and students, written by James E. Penny, acting director of the GSU Television Center. The soap opera may run as a weekly show or one full length movie. That information has not been determined.

It is the story of college life in a HBCU during the 1990s. The soap opera has no main character, but younger and older actors are being sought amongst Students and Faculty. We will select about seven males and seven females. There will be a few extras.

Zero is based on a film titled And Then there Were None by Agatha Christie. Zero is written by Chris Harmon and this story involves 10 characters, six males and four females, who are all criminals. They have been sent to a mansion for a specific reason where they discover that, one by one, they will be murdered.

According to a track of events, there is an Indian table in the dining room and for each Indian that comes up missing, a member of the house turns up dead. This film will have a total of 10 main cast spots and six to eight extra spots.