All men aren’t dogs!

One simple question has caused a lot of debate, split opinions and painful personal experiences. For centuries women have believed that all men are dogs, but that is not true. Several factors push both genders in different directions. The men

Let me start by saying to women that every man is not a dog, just like every woman is not a good woman. There are good men out there; you just have to find them.

Good men, the ones you never notice, fly under the radar. They are respectful, mature, intelligent. A good man is a man, not a boy.

Women today need to realize there is more to a man than just his physical appearance and the tangible things that he owns. What you should really care about: What are his goals, personality, character? How does he treat you, and what does he want out of life? But men are not so innocent. There are a lot of guys who make it hard for nice guys by taking a woman for all she has, and the nice guy has to come behind you. That makes it twice as hard, proving the cliché that nice guys finish last.

When you examine men and women, women are more emotionally attached than men. Women want that special someone, while some men might feel the same way. Society has taught men not to cry, to never show emotions. If he does, he is less of a man. If you have emotion, you just hide it. From the B.C. days to now, men who have a lot of women have power and are highly respected.

The Women

Since the beginning of time, women have accused men of being dogs. But women have a part in this, just as much as men do.

Today, many women dress provocatively, and it translates the wrong message to guys. The way women dress today fuels the sexual desire of men. Women should not be in a hurry to call men dogs because, according to Sun.com, 43 percent of women cheat on their lovers compared to 34 percent of males. Women are able to get away with cheating because they have valid reasons why they cheated and guys mostly cheat for sexual reasons. But cheating is still cheating.

Women need to stop listening to relationship advice from other women who don’t have a man! You cannot give advice on something you do not have. Something that is really shocking is a lot of women call men dogs, but they knew that he was a dog before they met him. Guys, most women know about your past.

One last thing that kills women is how they want a man who is thuglike because he is usually tough and financially stable. But the thug part comes out of him when he starts beating you, or cheating. Then you blame him. But that is what you wanted.