Yes, We Can Rise

As a first-time guest columnist, I need to introduce myself. I am an ordained minister of two years. I formerly resided in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was a lifelong resident of 54 years until Hurricane Katrina.I am currently teaching in the Lincoln Parish Public Schools. It is quite rewarding, of course; as I have met many students who were directly impacted and affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I am doing many evangelistic projects which involve working and ministering to the needs of incarcerated young men between ages of 11 and 18 years of age in North Louisiana. Another area of evangelism of which I involve myself is community mission for students in the community. This mission primarily keeps their interests stirred up for school, especially for that first week. Again, it is just so rewarding in the Lord.

One might ask, well who are the ones really impacted by Hurricane Katrina; and just how can we pick them out to serve their pressing needs? My people, this disaster has affected everyone in all communities indirectly. Yes, this is true. The persons from New Orleans, Louisiana, and in the surrounding affected areas are impacted. Believe it or not; they are far and near!!

As a woman of God, I just cannot circumvent the responsibility of making a CHARGE to other women and men of God. They must first be aware that this is a very long-term mission of at least 15 years. There is just so, so much to do.

Men and women of God can form various coalitions in school communities, church communities, and other general communities. You can truly continue to make a DIFFERRENCE! How?

These people of God must focus on the financial, emotional, educational, physical, and mental needs of various groups in the community.

Many persons of God can sponsor book fairs, health fairs, counseling workshops, teen workshops, food pantries, and medical science workshops. These would certainly meet many vital needs of members in the community-and yes, Katrina victims.

Believe it or not, God truly gives each and every one of us a duty or mission ordained by Him. God knows exactly what we are capable of doing in His perfect will. And we know that He will always make provision once He gives the assignments.

There is so much of a need to seek God in this realm of our function as ministers in the community whereby we can effectively serve the needs of the residing persons. Remember, the survivors of Katrina are far and near. So when we are obedient to the will of God as to what He would have his special people to do, we would not miss anyone.


Please bear in mind that we cannot afford to miss our proper calling in the community by sacrificing such precious lives in the community. They have just so much promise.