TB: How do you feel about the Alma J. Brown ‘noose’ photos?

J.B White
BastropThe situation was so uncalled for I feel like it was a cheap shot on our young Black babies of tomorrow and if those children would have known better, they would have been offended.

Omseti Smart

I felt that it was too extreme for children that age.

Quiana Smith
El Segundo, Calif.

Re-enacting the method of a lynching is a very controversial method to teach by demonstration. Perhaps “The Willy Lynch” letter should have been studied, instead.

Keionna Pope
New Orleans

I feel that somebody is always taking things and turning it into something big. But did anyone understand the subject or the lesson the teacher was trying to get across? No I guess not.

David Adams
New Orleans

I feel no matter age, race, or color, we should all be aware of what’s going on. That’s all the teacher was demonstrating.

Compiled by Terrance Stokes.