Resident Evil: Extinction Disappoints

Although the Resident Evil video game is a very big success, I do believe that the movies have been quite a disappointment. As a major fan of the video game, I truly believe that the scripts to the movie could be better written, or it would be much better following the video games throughout.Resident Evil Extinction hit the theaters recently and, as much hype as I brought to the table for the movie, it left me quite upset.

The main point of the movie was not ever made by notification of the movie, you just needed to use common sense to realize what was happening.

Resident Evil finally allowed some of the main characters of the video game into the movie, but neither one had a very important role.

Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), who played in Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica’s video games, had a main role in this movie but served more as a secondary character, when the character was the main character in the two video games. Also, Albert Wesker (Jason O’Mara), played a secondary “bad guy” role in the movie and he was also the main character in the video games.

The story also had superstars such as Ashanti and Mike Epps in the movie. I do not believe it was a good idea to kill off the Ashanti and Mike Epps characters early in the movie. By them being well-known entertainers, I think it could have prolonged the audiences interest if they could have had stronger parts until closer toward the end.

The final fight scene with Alice (Milla Jovovich) and the mutated Dr. Isaac (Iain Glen) was clearly too short for an ending fight scene for an ending of a classic video game. The idea of cloning so many Alice figures really make things look too rough for another sequel, although the ending is pushing a fourth volume to the series.

I am forever a lover of the video game, but as far as the movie series is going, I think it should start another direction and follow the video games more or find another writer and take the movie into a better direction.

There are still several characters and monsters in the video game that can be used in the movie to make the series better. Resident Evil Extinction in theaters now.

Rating 5 out of 10 points.