The Queen of all Seasons

The first day some females walk on the campus of Grambling State University they dream of being a campus queen. Though this is a mere thought for many females, for Ebony Perry the dream has become reality.Last Thursday Perry was officially crowned Miss Grambling State University at her coronation. The theme of the coronation was “A beauty of the season.”

The coronation started with a dramatic African dance performed by the Orchesis Dance Company. The tone of the dance assured students that this was no ordinary coronation, they were in for a magnificent production.

Shortly after the dancers finished, the announcer spoke loud and clear “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Ebony Perry.” The crowd looked shocked because it wasn’t expected.

“I didn’t expect her to come out until after the class queens were called,” said Michelle Davis, a junior Biology major.

After a performance by GSU alumnus Chad Harry, the organizational queens were then announced.

There she was sitting so elegantly and beautiful. She stood and was received by the crowd and gave her acceptance speech which thanked her family, friends and supporters.

Perry said she felt excited and nervous about her new role as Miss GSU.

The mellow and down-to-earth queen says she can’t list everyone that assisted her in becoming Miss GSU.

“I would like to thank my campaign team, my parents and people that didn’t even know me but voted for me,” she said.

“It surprised me to win Miss GSU because I never stayed on campus. …I guess the impression I left on people was lasting.”

Perry wanted the student body to know one last thing.

“I’m grateful for everyone’s help,” she said.