TB: Are you going to Jena? Why or why not?

Akeem Evans
FerridayYes, I will attend to support my fellow brother being a black man and all. Because the white guys only got suspended and the black guys went to jail that’s messed up.

Cadrena Heard
Los Angeles

Yes, because I feel that the young men desevre support.

Marquita Wilson
Graduate student

No, unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Jena 6. However, I will still support the Jean 6.

Nicole Mayes
Graduate Student
Houston, Tex.

I will not be attending the Jena 6. However, I do believe that the voices in the black community should be heard.

Wayne Laville
Bridgeport, Conn.

Yes, It’s a civil and racial issue that needs the attention of all young black people.