No one has killed us yet!

People love to hate, it appears. Every week, we are bombarded by criticism, telling us that we have no life or that we are a messy paper. Just last week, we ran a story about Dr. Karen Martin using Facebook as a tool to file grievances with Judicial Affairs.While many students appreciated the warning, some people felt as if we were “stirring the pot,” so to speak. Apparently, people do not want real news that do affect them, and it’s a sad day at GSU when students say we wasted paper and space running a pertinent story. Yet, those same people do nothing to help us.

We are still getting chastised about the Delta editorial that ran nearly a month ago. It seems that no matter where we go or where we are (for instance, Jena), we are bombarded with how “wrong” we were for writing the editorial.

However, when we presented the opportunity for the adviser and the members to sit in our meeting so we could get to the bottom of the situation, no one showed up.

It appears that all of our efforts to bring a modern-day newspaper to the campus are going unappreciated. Every time we feel as if we put out a solid paper, our morale is crushed by the idiotic comments saying that we do not cover “real” news. Those same critics do nothing to help the paper when it’s in production, but love to criticize.

If we were to criticize each GSU educational major for their flaws, we would be automatically told not to come back to report on them.

It appears as if The Gramblinite is a target range for everyone. Well, we’ll accept being the target, because no one has killed us yet. What doesn’t kill us make us stronger. That’s our view!