New choices and eateries make up the student union

Dr. Leon Sanders, the Director of Finance, was kind enough to be the tour guide through the new Union. One of the questions on everyone’s mind was, if the new union was one the first things to start getting built, before school was over last semester, then why wasn’t it done before school started or in the next few weeks in which school had began?”Because of the complexity of the construction, which includes the different plumbing, electricity, flooring (specialized tile), hood system and other important factors included in the construction of the Union, that it took far longer to renovate.

“A retail outlet takes longer than a housing project,” he said.

The Union opened for business yesterday.

The vendors that will be located in the Union will be Panda Express, Starbucks, a coffee shop; Burger King, a fast food restaurant; Zoca, a Mexican restauran;, and Bene Pizza and Pasta, an Italian restaurant.

There are a lot of new amenities that have been added to the union as well. For laptops, there will be wi-fi accessibility. The union will also include a community convenience store called, C3. There will be a small theatre in the Union as well.

Office space will be available for meetings, student functions and school activities.