Many protesters complain about Black Panthers

The “Jena 6” movement is an unfortunate event for not only African-Americans, but also the nation as a whole. These events prove that in 2007 we in the USA still cannot be treated equally. The events that occurred in Jena, LA on September 20. 2007 was geared to be an event that brings African-Americans in a unified manner. Also, to speak the mind of the public to the government.

With the 30,000-man march that was staged on last Thursday, it seamed completely peaceful. According to Fox News, there were no reports of arrest at the peaceful march. Although these facts may be true, there were several complaints of the “Black Panthers.”

Many people planed to have a peaceful protest towards the legal system, but were distracted by this black supremacy group. There were numerous reports of the organization pushing fellow protestors out of the way and overshadowing inspirational speeches by such people as Rev. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

They did so by voicing their own individual views with blow horns and insisting that the public disregard what the speaker was saying and join their efforts towards a forceful uprising in the town of Jena, LA.

Senior Broderick Eggins felt, “The Black Panthers had no business in Jena. I saw them push a old lady while they were marching through the crowd.”

Although everyone was dressed in black to support the Jena Six, the Black Panthers could be spotted wearing all black from head to toe and making the most confusion of any other organization.

To many spectators of the Jena Six, it seemed that the Black Panthers sole purpose was not focused on the justice of the Jena Six, but to persuade others to see the events in their eyes, as well as recruit those who were willing to listen to them.

Even though the Jena Six should not have happened at all, the fact still remains that it did. This was turned into a positive thing because it brought blacks together in a bond of unity. But with all good things come the bad, and in this case it was the Black Panthers.