Inside the Nation of Islam

During the recent years, Muslims and the Nation of Islam has constantly been in the media. It seems as if every time someone sees a Muslim person the first thing that comes to mind is, “He’ s a terrorist.”

The teachings of Allah is the most dominate religion taught behind prison bars. It is all too common that everytime a black man goes to jail, he comes out reformed and a devoted follower of Allah.

Louis Farrakhan has been the poster child for Muslims to the American people. Their leader is Allah, their “bible” is the Quran, their teachings have been taught to many people and their followers are vast.

This week on The Word page, we will take a look into the Nation of Islam and the Muslim people.

Why do they do the things they do, why do the women wear headwraps, why do they gather at certain times of the day to pray, and why are they not allowed to eat certain foods.

These are just a few of the questions and or myths that will be answered.

Approach with an open mind, and open heart and a giving attitude.

Welcome to the Nation of Islam!