‘Halo 3’ rocks competition

Halo 3 is quite possibly one of the greatest games to come out in the last 10 years. Now that’s giving the Bungie team, which created the game, a lot of credit but it is not undeserved. The third game in the Halo epic just like the two before it is exclusively for the Xbox 360 game console, and with the graphic ability of the Xbox 360, this game is sure to live up to all its hype.
Halo 3 was one of the most anticipated releases for the 360, with over 2 million copies sold in pre-orders. Being that I am a long standing fan of this sci-fi “shoot’em up” game, I had planned to spend the next week in my room killing aliens until my brain was fried.

I managed to put the sticks down for a moment and this is what I have already noticed. The trilogy picks fans up exactly were it left off like a seamless movie. For anyone who has ever played the second installment of Halo, you know that you end the game with our hero Master Chief riding a bomb down to planet earth for the final battle, now that you’re caught up to speed, we can start the new game.

After the Chief crash lands on the planet there is a short monologue from the Chief’s female computerized guide, Cortana, talking about why she chose him and what he had that no other Spartan had.

The movie then continues on with Captain Major preparing to deactivate the greatest hero the world has ever seen, but in true Master Chief form after falling from space through the earth’s atmosphere down into the jungle he gets right back up, shakes the dust off, and prepares for battle.

When you arise from the grass, you are greeted by a character from the second Halo named the Arbitor, (if you didn’t know, he was the alien who decided to change sides in Halo 2). After they spend about 5 seconds trying to kill each other, the Arbitor and the Chief are told in order to save the world they have to work together. After the opening cut scene you are finally given your gun and sent on your way.

Not long after you get your gun does the fight begin. You first end up having to split from the group as you and your new partner the Arbitor walk through the jungle wiping out all matters of alien life on your way.

The controls for the game are ultimately the same as the previous Halo games, which makes getting into the game so much easier because you don’t have to learn any new buttons.

I stopped playing the story mode for a moment to do the one thing that made Halo so famous and that was to kill my unsuspecting friends around the world in multiplayer. This was the aspect of the game where you really saw all the changes that had been made to the game.

Each enviroment you choose comes equipped with a plethora of new guns and devices that you can brutally use to destroy your enemies, and of course there were the old time favorites like the plasma sword, the shotgun, and the almighty sniper rifle. Halo 3 also has put in place a brand new 4 player co-op story mode, “forge” which allows you to change where things are in your favorite battle stages, and a special replay feature which gives you the power to save your favorite battle to the hard drive so that you can watch your victory over, and over.

I’m pretty sure that if you’re a fan and you haven’t bought the game yet you want to buy it now, I am anxious to get back to the sticks now, but not before I give Halo 3 for the Xbox 360, 10 stars because fighting the good fight never felt so good.