What a week surely worth remembering

The love-hate relationship that has plagued big name college athletes for years has bitten Greg Oden harder than he could have ever imagined. I’m sure that Oden is somewhere kicking himself right now. But, how was he supposed to know that he had a micro fracture in his knee? The only thing inquiring minds would ask him is why didn’t he get it checked out earlier. He has been having knee pains for a while now. If you remember, he played limited minutes in last year’s NCAA Tournament’s early games.

He should fire his advisors. It’s too bad that he will have to sit out, if not the entire season, at least the majority of the season. Didn’t we see this just last year? Maybe the Sam Bowie comparisons aren’t so far fetched.

Speaking of advisors, who is advising O.J. Simpson? The never-ending list of bad decisions just keeps getting longer. What was he thinking going into a Vegas hotel trying to strong arm some of his belongings back? You are O.J. Simpson! Perhaps the most hated and followed man in America.

It’s understood that he wanted his belongings, but he turned in September’s case of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” It was interesting to also learn in an ESPN report that the family of Nicole Brown had been supposedly interviewing witnesses leading up to his arrest. I’m just waiting for the book to come out. Who wouldn’t want to want to read a book entitled If I did it by O.J. Simpson?

Wouldn’t a book by once-suspended NBA referee Joey Crawford entitled Confessions of the Falsely Accused sound like a good thing to read? Ok maybe not, but doesn’t it almost seem immanent since his reinstatement was announced on Monday.

Crawford was suspended indefinitely and ordered to enroll in a counseling program in April, following the ejection of Tim Duncan for laughing on the sideline. What will be the fallout if this happens again?

Should Barry Bonds’ 756 homerun ball be branded with the asterisk? You now have a choice in what will be done with the ball. Go to vote756.com/marcecko, and you too, can help make the decision as to what the ball will be used for.

You might be wondering what founder Marc Ecko’s name might be doing at the end of the address. He revealed on Monday that he was the winning bidder, and he would be setting up the website to let the public decide what to do.

This sounds like another publicity stunt? Similar to Ecko’s supposed tagging of Air Force One to promote his video game. Who cares what you do with the ball? The world is tired of hearing about the record and Barry Bonds.