Theresa Moore Wyatt seeks seat on Police Jury

Theresa Moore Wyatt, a longtime resident of the Mt. Olive Community, has announced her candidacy for Police Jury of Lincoln Parish, District I.Wyatt said residents in the district, both Whites and Blacks, are without a voice in decisions made in District I. She cites the following statistics from public records as indicative of this:

– The last voting period, March 9, 2007, there were 2,183 registered voters in District I but only 287 voters (13.1 percent) went to the polls and voted.

– There were 243 White voters in District I. Only 17 of them (7 percent) went to the polls and cast their vote.

– There were 1,657 Black voters in District I. Only 266 (14.3 percent) went to the polls.
Wyatt said that because of the silence of the voters, it is time to turn the page to a new chapter, new leadership and new ideas.

She believes a police juror should be someone who is a public servant, rather than a politician; a people person rather than someone who looks out for self; someone accessible to the people who listens to their concerns, rather than someone the people cannot find; and someone with a listening ear, welcoming input and responding to concerns rather than someone who does not value the voices of the people.

Wyatt said she is the candidate who will encourage voters to be a part of the decision-making process and that the results will show in the accomplishments they make as a district, as well as the turnout numbers at the polls.