Student featured in magazine

As we continue to live and breathe Grambling State University, another student receives some exposure. Dana Rettig, from Chicago Illinois majoring in Spanish, with a minor in theatre, has been featured in the magazine Black College Today. Black College Today is a magazine that informs people about HBCU schools and what they have to offer. Not only for sports and greek organizations, but for scholarships, loans, tuition, events, and other interesting information a student seeking a college may need to know.

Black College Today has done a lot for Grambling State University as far as advertising the school. The magazines does articles on several HBCU involving their Black Queens. The magazine is making a way to come on to each campus and meet and learn the students and faculty members.

The publisher realizes that there is a lot of good information coming out of the HBCU’s that deserve recognition and they are doing there best to let the truth be told to the world.

Rettig was featured on a page entitled “Spoke-n-Heard,” which was about a singer who inspired her to write a poem about her personal love for men who know how to sing. The poem is entitled “Sing to me.”

Dana was introduced to the publisher of “Black College Today,” Steven Mootry, by a good friend of hers. She began sending her poetry to the magazine and they accepted her onto a page. Dana loves writing poetry and she performs them at Open Mic events around campus.

“My definition of poetry is not just a bunch of lines you combine as a way of expressing your views. It’s about seeking and declaring the truth about what is occurring in today’s society as well as expressing your approach to your loved ones,” Rettig stated.

Rettig also made a suggestion for Black College Today to attend GSU Homecoming events to gather more knowledge on what is going on with the campus.

To submit your talents and writings, visit www.blackcollegetoday.com and they will provide you with as much information you need. You can also find some of Dana Rettig’s writings on www.starvingwriters.net.