Sex is overrated Pt. 2

In today’s society a high value has been placed on sex. On a daily basis people are bombarded with sexual images through the media. Because of the constant bombardment, the way that people perceive sex and the value that’s placed on it is affected. Our society puts a lot of pressure on young men and women to have sex. The images that the media portray is no help to the rising number of premarital sexual relationships and pregnancies. The emphasis on sex with no responsibility and the use of women as sex symbols are what make sex overrated.

Television series such as Nip/Tuck, Girls-Gone-Wild and The Girls Next Door strongly portray women in a sex-appeal-to-achieve-sales way. Women tend to appear desperate, needy and clueless in these films. Even though women are more exploited in the media, men are also used to help pique a woman’s interest, being defined by sexual prowess.

The physical act or lustful aspect of sex is too highly valued. What many people, especially males, don’t realize is that there are two parts to sex, physical and intimate. With the exception of women who try to find sexual pleasure through men because they don’t have a strong male figure in their life, women desire intimacy more than physical interactions. Just to be adored, listened to, and loved by a man is more than satisfying. Every time one has sex with another, a connection is formed. It’s possible for them to not want to build a relationship, but they will always have a connection or “piece of each other.”

By becoming intimate with someone before sex, a person is more willing to take on responsibilities. Not everything about sex is fun and exciting. The parts that aren’t glamorous are the risks of STDs or pregnancy. Did you know that Blacks, especially Black women, run a higher risk at getting a sexually transmitted disease than any other race? No one ever likes to focus on the horrible outcomes and possibilities of having a sexual relationship with someone whether they be heterosexual or homosexual.

Sex has become overrated because it’s not a necessity in a relationship. Sex doesn’t have to happen before marriage and intimacy. The people who should have a high value for sex are married couples. Sex isn’t going to help you while you’re in the hospital having a baby. Sex isn’t going to help you in the middle of the night when you awake with pains. Sex isn’t going to help dry your eyes when you’re saddened by burdens. Sex will not be around when you find out that you have AIDS. Don’t let sex define your relationship. Build a friendship and an intimate relationship first. Then you’ll be able to excel in any relationship.