Love’s Prediction: Alabama A&M @ GSU

The Grambling Tigers will host their first home game of the 2007 season against defending SWAC champion Alabama A&M. AAMU defeated Mississippi Valley State 45-14 last week while Grambling had the week off.When A&M has the ball:
Kelcy Luke threw for 276 yards and three touchdowns in the Bulldogs 45-14 victory last week. Luke has been effective early in the season so far, completing 61 percent of his passes for 10 touchdowns.

Ulysses Banks is a true threat within the offense with his 9.2 yards per carry average. He has 314 yards in his last two games. Banks’ elusiveness may cause some problems.

Luke’s top two targets Thomas Harris and Charles Moody both have 14 receptions through three games. Harris had a 50-yard touchdown catch last week and possesses the type of speed that can stretch the defense.

Two weeks ago Grambling forced three turnovers, held Pittsburgh to 321 yards and only allowed a field goal in the second half. Normally 321 yards isn’t considered a good day for a defense, but considering the fact that Pittsburgh will be the most talented team that Grambling faces this season, it wasn’t that bad.

Pitt had only 2 drives of 50 yards or more that resulted in a touchdown, and if Grambling can minimize penalties and put pressure on Luke, the Tigers should be alright!
Advantage: Grambling

When GSU has the ball:
Brandon Landers has never beaten A&M as a starting quarterback. Landers also hasn’t had a coaching staff that will utilize the run as much as the current staff.

However, against this particular opponent, Grambling needs to score early and often. Frank Warren and Cornelius Walker should both get many carries this week.

The key, however, will be to throw the ball DOWN THE FIELD! Alabama A&M has a veteran secondary, but Grambling has scored 125 combined points in the last four games these teams played. Alabama A&M isn’t, and never will be, a team that has the explosiveness on offense to engage in shootouts.

A&M is a team that relies heavily on its defense to force turnovers and quick possessions so that its offense may win the time of possession battle. If Grambling can put points on the board early, it takes AAMU out of what they like to do, which is run the ball.
Advantage: Grambling

Game Analysis:
This will be Grambling’s first home game since the death of legendary head coach Eddie Robinson. Expect the stadium to be full of electricity. AAMU may enter the game undefeated, but I highly doubt they will leave like that.

Grambling 45
Alabama A&M 13