Living my life as a Catholic

Matthew Kelly, author of the book Rediscovering Catholicism, defined holiness as becoming the best version of yourself. God calls us all to holiness because God wants each of us to be all we can be.I am a young Catholic who wants to be all I can be and over the years being raised in the Catholic faith has helped me to better understand how to achieve this. I have learned throughout the years that being Catholic is not about following rules and regulation made by the Pope. It is a lifestyle that was designed by Christ not only for me, but for each of us to help us attain our full potential.

Catholicism has taught me to find my way and achieve my full potential, as well as taught me the basics of what I need to know about life. Catholicism has taught me respect in terms of the posture and gestures that should be displayed at church.

Having much respect for church allows me to be respectable when I go out. Through fasting and abstinence I develop self-discipline and discipline in my lifestyle. Through the sacraments, I have learned how to devote my time and talents to doing good.

Being Catholic is not as easy as it often sounds. Though very young, I continue to be challenged daily by our secular culture, my wanting to be with the crowd and my inability at times to answer the questions of holiness clearly. I have learned through my faith, that if I surround myself with true friends who will help foster my inner spirit, I will develop the ability to answer these questions clearly.

The future belongs to me and all young persons in the world. We can be who God wants us to be if we just believe and continue to learn and understand our call to holiness. When we understand this call, we will grow in the sanctity of life and also in the true sacrifice of life.