Harmon gears up for next film after ‘Avalon 20’ wraps up

Avalon 20 has been shot, but according to director Chris Harmon, the hard part has just begun. The editing process is under way, and Harmon is primed for a fall ’07 release. To those who didn’t know, Avalon 20 was filmed throughout the Spring ’07 semester. It is based on a short story that was written by Harmon and is inspired by some real-life situations.The film was the first to be filmed at an HBCU by a student enrolled at the school. When asked about his hopes for the film, Harmon said,” I want to bring something new and big to Grambling, not only for my exposure, but to expose the talent at Grambling State Univer-sity.”

Not only is Harmon and producers Patrick Thompson, Laval Grant, Robert Clayton, David Zeno, Mark Frazier, and Ashford Perkins wrapping up production on Avalon 20; they are also preparing to begin production on a new film.

The next project for the collective known as Headlines Entertainment will also be a film. What is unknown is the genre of the film. “We took the first film as a learning experience. We were all anxious to make a film, but for the second film, we will take our time and produce a way better project” was a comment from Laval Grant on the direction of the next project.

According to Harmon, an interest meeting for all those interested in working with the production crew for the next film, will be held on Monday evening. Anyone interested in acting can attend, though a separate meeting for actors will be held at a later date.