GSU fraternities participate in Q&A

Omega Psi Phi- Marcus Curtis
Question 1: What do you think about tonight’s turnout?
Answer 1: It’s a good turnout, but less than I expected, I think there will be more people at the individual open houses and meetings.Kappa Alpha Psi- Eric Burbank, President
Question 2: What do you think the students will learn about Greek-to-Greek relationships?
Answer 2: We love each other. Tonight will show the love between the organizations. It shows we have no animosity!

Alpha Phi Alpha- Donovan Webb
Question 3: What is the purpose of the Meet the Greeks?
Answer 3: It’s a good thing. People get a chance to see what we are all about, learn something about all of us. It’s for everyone, freshman and everybody in between. If they are interested, they can come and talk to us, because we are normal people.

Phi Beta Sigma- Joshua Murdock
Question 4: How does this event help the students?
Answer 4: It’s good to see that all of the students came out to see us, to be informed about the organizations. I like that they are interested, because we are all about the same thing: Brotherhood, community service, and scholarship, but different.

Iota Phi Theta- Brian Howard
Question 5: Do you think that the students may have exposed themselves as to what they want to be?
Answer 5: I don’t believe that they expose themselves. They are just here to see which one fits them. Some may have their minds made-up until they see something else.