Chamillionaire has solid album release

After Chamillionaire’s last album, The Sound of Revenge, I knew Chamilliatary Mane would bring it on this album. I just knew it would live up to the hype of his mixtape series, The Mixtape Messiah. How many times must I be wrong?Don’t get me wrong; Chamil’s CD is jamming. It’s a very good album. “The Morning News” is a very nice way to intro the album. Chamillionaire shows his traditional style of punchlines and sick metaphors. “Hip Hop Police” is also another good joint that guest stars Slick Rick.need I say more?

“Industry Groupie” is another take on the term groupie, and I loved how he did the song. It probably won’t be a single, but it’s definitely something to bang in the car. Chamillitary Mane also sends out shout-outs to most of the industry, using clever metaphors.

The following two songs feature guest verses from Bun B and Lil’ Wayne, respectively. Those two songs are pretty decent, but could be better. “The Bill Collecta” is a sad attempt to duplicate “Riding Dirty” in a way. Krayzie Bone and Chamill do not deliver on this song.

“The Evening News” is also a certified banger. Chamillionaire sounds off on the recent news going on around the country. Chamillionaire also shows he isn’t afraid to touch on controversial topics as well, referring to Paris Hilton and a host of others.

“Welcome to the South” is a club banger that features Pimp C. The song has a head-nodding beat with Pimp C and Chamillionaire slaying the beat. “We Breakin Up” is a nice change of pace. The song focuses on Chamill’s love troubles, and Chamill delivers on this track as well.
Ultimate Victory is a solid album.

However, my only problem with the album is it seems as if Chamillionaire’s best material is on his mixtapes. That could hurt his career instead of helping it, but with loyal fans, he should be straight.