A toxic snack

Diacetyl produces a toxic and potentially lethal gas that could harm the body’s organs tremendously by giving it what scientists call (DLD) Diacetyl Lung Damage or the so-called “Popcorn Lung.” The former secretary of energy, David Michaels, has been looking into the matter for the past four years.

“Workers who mix the chemical as a liquid or powder, occasionally breathe in small amounts and this really devastates their lungs,” said Michaels.

The United States’ consumers purchases over 1 billion pounds of unpopped corn per year. A guy that was reportedly eating two bags of artificially flavored popcorn everyday for two years started to notice that he was having shortness of breath, caused when you inhale too much of the chemical.

This lung condition known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans is an inflammatory reaction that can reduce your lung capacity by as much as 80%, and cause you to form scar tissue as a reaction, making the lungs stiff.

ConAgra, the parent company for Orville Redenbacher and Act II, has agreed to remove this chemical immediately from their artificial popcorn. Nevertheless check ALL labels to be on the safe side of things.