Z-Hope enlightens

Whom should you trust when ordering a drink at the bar?
What should be done after any sexual assault?
What are the various types of date rape drugs?
These were some of the questions that were discussed at “Z-Hope” on Sept. 5 at a seminar held in Favrot Student Union.
The interactive seminar was hosted by the Psi Beta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
Speaking at the event, Michelle Buckhalter of the GSU Police Department explained to the audience the different types of date rape and drugs used.
These drugs, which include GHB (gamma hydroxybutric acid), Rophynol (fluintrazepam) and Ketamin (ketamin hydrochloride), abets loss of mind control, which leads to one thing and another. In most instances, the victim is usually physically helpless and unable to refuse sex.
Officer Buckhalter also made note of the role of alcohol. “Is alcohol a date rape drug?” she asked the audience, which agreed it was.
“When a person is drinking alcohol it is hard to think clearly and evaluate a potential dangerous situation,” Buckhalter said.
She noted that a victim cannot claim sexual assault if found under the influence of alcohol.
Buckhalter advised audience members to bring their own drinks to parties rather than drinking from punch bowls and containers. “You don’t know what has been mixed in there. If they say you can’t bring your drink, be cautious, and try another party.”
“Open your drinks by yourself, have your drinks with you at all times, have a nondrinking friend to accompany you,” she noted.
GSU Police Chief Walker Jefferson had more demonstrative information as he took the stage to mimic how the act of drugging is done in parties and clubhouses.
“Date rape occurs to people who know each other,” he noted in his act.
“It was educative, though I already knew something about it,” said London Dobbins, a freshman from Houston.
“I just like how officer Buckhalter presented the situation,” said Joshua Murdock from New Orleans. “I didn’t know about those particular drugs and pills. But I know now, and I’m informed.