The key ingredient in football is … PREPARATION

1. WRONG: TurnoversBrandon Landers threw 3 interceptions, Tim Manuel had a punt blocked and Pitt scored 17 points off three of those plays.

RIGHT: They didn’t panic

G-Men could have easily folded after Pittsburgh went up 21-0 early. However, Grambling put together a six-play, 54-yard drive, which led to a touchdown.

2. WRONG: Bad playcalling in the redzone

Four trips to the red zone and Grambling came away with only 3 points.

RIGHT: The defense

GSU forced three turnovers, held Pitt to 321 yards and allowed only a field goal in the second half. Considering the fact that Alcorn State gained 255 yards and Pitt is ARMS AND SHOULDERS above Alcorn from a talent perspective, it wasn’t that bad a day for the defense.

3. WRONG: Penalties

The fact that the G-Men committed 14 penalties for 108 yards really isn’t surprising. However, it was when they committed the penalties that really caused Rod Broadway’s face to consistently frown.

RIGHT: The true freshmen

True freshmen Cornelius Walker and Frank Warren ran hard for the Tigers. They have played beyond expectation so far. Walker gained 54 yards off 12 carries and averaged 4.5 yards per carry against Pitt. For both freshmen to have been as productive as they were speaks volumes about their potential.

4. WRONG: Didn’t utilize strengths

Entering the game, one of Pitt’s primary concerns was GSU’s speed. Grambling’s receivers proved Pitt’s theory to be correct; the problem was that Grambling didn’t take advantage of it. Part of the blame goes to play calling, and it can also be placed on Brandon Landers.

RIGHT: DeMichael Dizer

If any player on the entire team benefited more from their performance in Saturday’s game, I apologize for not mentioning your name, because DeMichael Dizer might have solidified himself a few personal workouts in the spring for the NFL Draft. Dizer finished with 11 tackles, one interception and another break up. He was all over the place.

5. WRONG: Didn’t lay it out there

Many players performed as if this were just an ordinary game. If Grambling had won, the Tigers would have received some major television coverage.

RIGHT: G-Men played top competition

Grambling in no form or fashion should have walked away from that game feeling embarrassed. They now must focus on achieving three major goals: a victory in the Bayou Classic, a SWAC Championship and an HBCU National Championship. After this weekend’s performance, Rod Broadway may be well on his way.