Students take care of our dorms, please

We knew it wouldn’t be long, but we hoped we were wrong. Now, we know it’s true. Students are tearing up the dorms and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.As all of us have been in the older dorms, we are flabbergasted at the idiocy of the current students who are destroying what took us years to finally see come to fruition. In the years of Pinchback and Wheatley Hall, we were subject to horrendous living conditions.

Now, there are new dorms with updated capabilities and new features. Yet, we are increasingly seeing no respect for the dorms that many have worked so hard to get. It took years and years of sweat and tears to finally get the dorms that GSU deserved and they are being treated as second rate.

The students need to stop taking things at GSU for granted for once and learn to appreciate what is bestowed upon them. The administration needs to do a better job of flushing out these vandals, so the dorms can stand for future generations. The main point is for the students to stop being idiots and tearing up the dorms.

Drew is also considered to be new as it is only two or three years old. However, driving by Drew, it looks as if it’s been here for years and years. GSU just added more parking to the dorm, yet students are treating the dorms as they are second-rate.

As the new dorms stand test after test of the idiots that vandalize them, we can only hope that they last as long as Pinchback and Wheatley Halls. Thats our view!