‘My children impressed me to come back’

It’s not really hard attending college for freshmen Nursing major Dorthy Graves-Hines. ” I have had two kids to attend Grambling and one of them are currently working on their Masters degree,” she said.One of the main reasons Graves-Hines chose to come back to school is because she was tired of working hard and wasn’t satisfied with her job. ” My children (Eric and Wendall) impressed me to come back.” Graves-Hines added.

Though she admits there are days when she feels like giving up she understood that she is here for a purpose. ” This week my son’s father passed but I know I have to go on,” she said.

For parents who wan to attend college but don’t have the courage to graves-Hines says “sit down and pray and think, whats best for yourself and not anybody else. Thats what I had to do.”

Graves-Hines added that the scripture, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me is the motto she lives by.