Leaving behind memories

This past weekend the Pittsburgh Panthers dominated on the field against Grambling State’s football team 34-10. Although the Tigers suffered a loss on field, they were undoubtedly victorious in the stands. From the moment of arrival, Pittsburgh fans were inquiring about the GSU Tiger Marching Band.

Many students were unaware that there was a battle of the bands where “The Baddest Band in the Land” proved to be just that.

The World Famed Tiger Marching Band certainly earned its stripes during the battle. As soon as GSU hit the field, fans from both schools were amazed at the style, technique and sound of this year’s band.

Amber Browning, a 20-year-old senior at Grambling and Orchesis dancer, stated, “To know that they (Pittsburgh fans) were rooting for us from a different state was exciting just because of our world famed band.”

“I couldn’t help but to get out of my seat and dance with your band, Lori Steranchak, a 21-year-old senior from Pittsburgh, said. “Pittsburgh is a traditional band and GSU was very entertaining and played recent songs that everyone knows.”

The GSU band, which has played in the Rose Bowl, the movie Drumline, and also for the president of the United States, captured the fans’ eyes and ears in more ways than one.

“From the moment they came out you could tell that they were something special,” said Allison Lee-Mann, a resident of Pittsburgh. “Pittsburgh needs to have their own local flavor.”

Kourtni Mason, a 21-year-old Grambling student, added, “We did more attention-getting moves. The crowd was very pleased to see something new and fresh.”

Although GSU dominated the battle, Pittsburgh’s band did not go unnoticed. Pitt fans were eager to participate.

“Pittsburgh had a lot of crowd participation, unlike GSU has had in the past,” Mason said. “GSU does it, but that was one thing that was considerably noticeable.”

There is no doubt that the band left a memorable impression in Pittsburgh. How many bands can say they made the front page picture to go with the football article in another school’s paper?

The band will have another chance to showcase its intriguing style and sound in Denver this weekend and hopefully leave another good impression and lifetime memories.