Is this rivalry good for hip-hop?

With the success of two previous albums, both Kanye West and 50 Cent were geared up for the release of their latest albums, titled Curtis (50 Cent) and Graduation (Kanye West). There has been a lot of controversy, gossip and money at stake. This has been the best rivalry since Jay-Z vs. Nas during the Blueprint and Stillmatic era back in 2001. But this rivalry is a lot more peaceful than Jay-Z vs. Nas.

It appears that both 50 and Kanye were at peace as they presented an MTV Video Music Award together for R&B singer Beyonce this past Sunday. When they appeared onstage together, they faced one another as if they were being weighing in before a boxing match.

Both of their first and second albums did go platinum, but the question was who could outsell whom on Sept. 11? Both 50 and Kanye have huge fan bases, but it is up to the fans to show their loyalty and support to their favorite hip-hop artist.

There were also rumors that 50 Cent supposedly outsold Kanye West by 20,000 in pre-orders.But then again, no one will know until BET’s 106 & Park or this week’s Billboard charts.

This rivalry has all the makings of a classic. It should show other rappers that they can make more money at peace than war.