Is sex overrated?

Many people have different opinions on sex to the public’s eye, but is it true that secretly, everyone feels the same thing about sex? When you watch movies, majority of the scenes relate to sex. Most horror movies result in someone dieing, after completing sex. Sex is a major factor in the world and some people will say that sex is overrated and it’s not worth everything it is said to be, and then, you have some people who love to have sex all day everyday.

In several situations the majority of male’s hormones are tempting them to have sex, but most females claim they don’t need it. Reality check, male and female are made alike, females just have a greater chance of living longer.

As much as a male wants sex, a female can want it just as bad. True, females do tend to think somewhat before they act, but in most cases, it is killing them not to have sex.

There are two types of people in sex life, virgins, and non-virgins. Virgins tend to hold to their childhood training and keep the Bible in mind when being approached by sexual situations.
However, some virgins feel that is alright not to have sex, but can receive oral sex? Sex is sex, and if you went that far, then you believe in sex.

As for females who aren’t virgins, there are types who feel that sex is the world, and there are some who claims sex is overrated..How? Some females admit that sex is best, and the ones who claim that they believe sex is overrated, they tend to only have sex with one partner.

There are several situations you must take into consideration before one can agree that sex is overrated. Some people are turned on to each other by certain things, and it is in your control to make a decision on the outcome.

You can’t claim sex is overrated if a young male walks by with a fresh look, and a desirable scent, with a fantasy body figure, and you are turned on to him. Or if the quality of his whisper runs down your spine and you are tempted to let him explore every area of your body.

These are only natural attractions that a male may obtain and if deep in the back of your mind, these traits turn you on to him, sex is not overrated.

Gentlemen, sex is not overrated when you hold her in your arms, smelling the scent of her womanhood, and your mind slowly falls into a spell of love. When you want to kiss any part of her body, and you want the evening mood set right with a meal, and candle lights, and from there, you just want to hold her, and you are turned on..sex is not overrated.

In order for sex to be overrated, it should not be all that it is said to be, but when we are constantly involved in sexual situations, is sex really overrated, or is it just that good? I don’t know, I think sex is overrated!