Graduation secures Kanye’s legacy

It doesn’t take long to realize when a real album is being played. Almost immediately after I put Kanye West’s album in my CD player and pressed play, I knew that I was jamming to a real album.Kanye West gets things going early with “Good Morning,” a nice little song to begin the album with. Kanye basically offers an invitation to his Graduation, the name of his CD.

It didn’t take long to get to something that you could nod your head to on “Champion.” The song has some nice lyrics to match a nice beat. To follow that up, West dropped “Stronger,” which only flowed smoothly after the previous song.

Nearly every song on the album impressed me. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” of course, was one of the strongest songs on the album. But one cannot sleep on “Big Brother (An Ode to Jay-Z).” That song was very well thought out and well put together. The beat goes with the lyrics, which is an added bonus.

Lil’ Wayne popped in on “Barry Bonds” and dropped some nice flows onto the track. “The Glory” was also nice, as ‘Ye touched nearly every popular artist in the industry. Kanye keeps showing his versatility throughout the album.

“Everything I Am” is also a nice joint on the album. Pretty much every song on the album is a banger, and I could see myself bumping this album again and again. With well-thought-out lyrics and touching on subjects as only he can, Kanye delivers once again.

After all of the hype of Sept. 11 being the showdown between Kanye and 50, it appears that Kanye delivered with a real album. With nearly an hour of songs, ‘Ye dropped quality over quantity.

I guess you can say he has officially graduate.