Curtis shows promise, disappoints lyrically

With all of the hype surrounding the 50 Cent Curtis album, I expected at least a banger. After all, 50 did run around telling everyone that he was a better MC and better rapper than rival Kanye West.However, after listening to the album, I’m left scratching my head and wondering where is that greatness that 50 promised. The album left me thoroughly disappointed.

The album has some very nice beats though. The production is very good, and the beats are definitely head-nodders. On the other hand, beats do not an album make.

When listening to some of 50’s lyrics, I was left wanting more. A lot of his lyrics are pretty repetitive anyway. I got tired of him saying he was from the hood and a thug after the first two songs. Unfortunately, I had to endure it through the entire album.

50 does have some bangers though. “Ayo Technology” is a good hit and probably the best track on the entire album. 50 delivers a little bit lyrically and the beat definitely helps. Justin Timberlake also comes through with the vocals.

“Straight to the Bank” is a solid track, as well as “Amusement Park.” However, the highly anticipated collabo of 50 and Robin Thicke left me disappointed. “Follow My Lead” was a mediocre song and should’ve been better for two superstars.

Another song that really disappointed me was the collabo of 50 Cent and Eminem, “Peep Show.” With 50 saying he was going back to his Get Rich or Die Trying style, this song did not even get close to touching the “Patiently Waiting” track from GRoDT.

Overall, I was disappointed in the 50 Cent album. I expected more. Most of the tracks on the album were pretty much done right at the three-minute mark.

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought into the hype.