Blood Center visits campus

Lifeshare Blood Center has been coming to Grambling State University for a number of years, and has left the campus with coolers filled with life-saving blood that would someday help someone in need. “Our goal this year was to get at least 25 donors,” said Amanda Jones, a donor specialist. “I am grateful that we have exceeded that goal this year.”

When asked why their target donor rate was set so low, Jones replied, “Not everyone is willing to give. We spend a week at Louisiana Tech because of the volumes of people that are willing to give.

“I hope one day that will happen here at GSU.”

Those who were brave enough to give blood had to first go through registration, with entails getting their blood pressure checked, temperature taken, enduring a finger prick to test their iron level and then answer a few medical history questions.

If everything checked out OK, that person was then ready to sit in the comfortable chair and endure the pinch of a 16-gauge needle in his or her brachial artery.

“The donor process takes about 6-7 minutes,” said donor tech Tabatha Myers. “At the end of that time, the donor would have donated one pint of blood.”

“After the donation, the participants are given a T-shirt and snacks to thank them for their donation,” said Tameka Harris, also a donor tech.

There is a great need for blood today more than ever before, Lifeshare workers said.

“A lot of people don’t know how important giving blood is,” said Lifeshare tech Brittany Maddox. “I didn’t quite grasp the concept until just recently. I am now an advocate for blood donation.”

“Giving blood is the right thing to do,” said Jonathan Smith, a senior from Chicago, when asked why he decided to give blood.

Kaylondra Martin, a freshman from Los Angeles, agreed. “I’m saving another life by giving blood. I would definitely do it again.”

Doing the right thing was also the motivation of Freddie Lyers from Chicago, a South Suburban College student. “I want to help those people who need it.”

The final total for the day was 35 donors.

Lifeshare Blood Center workers wanted to send a special thank you to the fraternities and sororities for their recruiting efforts.